oceanwp vs astra

Do you want to know what the best free WordPress theme is? Well, you’re going to find out for yourself in this post. In this blog post, I will compare the astra theme with ocean WP thing. And besides that, I will also talk about the premium versions of both themes. So let’s get started.

Let me say upfront that I believe that the Astra theme and the ocean WP theme are the best free themes where we’re on the website. So if you’re a search for a free theme, those two are the way to go. They both have amazing capabilities, but there are also differences. And in this post I will talk about both of them.

So first of all, talk about the free version of Astra and ocean WP. And then I will talk about premium packages and I will show you the benefits of both premium packages. I am making tutorials about everything that I mentioned in this video. So you can learn from a to Z, how to grade websites with the Astra and ocean WP theme.

oceanwp vs astra

So let’s dive right into it. What I’ve done. I created exactly the same website and with one, I use the Astra theme and with the other one, I use the ocean WP theme. When I show you the Astra theme, the top of the video will look like this. And when I use the ocean WP theme, The top looks like this.

In this website, I have the homepage with five reason block posts and a sidebar. Let me show them simultaneously here. You see an individual blog post of the SRO theme and of the ocean WP theme. And I make use of a WooCommerce shop in both websites. So what’d you see the content is the same, but the way it is displayed is live a different.

And first we’re going to take a look at the customized options of both themes. With both themes, you can upload your logo in normal formats and retina formats. You can resize it life with the SRO theme, you have an extra option to place a text below or after your logo. When it’s gone through the display of the Heather, the Astra theme has a few options.

You can stick the logo and the menu on top of each other, or it can put the logo at the right in the middle or at the left where the ocean WP theme, you have more cells, minimal, transparent top menu, full screen center, medium. Vertical custom header resizing. The Heather is easy with both themes. You can change the headline to fool with sort of logo will be totally at the left and the men are totally at right.

oceanwp vs astra

Even if you have a really big screen. With both themes, you can have a bottom border as with the SRO theme, you can change the size of the border with the SRO theme. You can have only one background color, and that is white. With ocean WP theme. You can choose your background’s color or even at an image or a video in the background of the Heather.

Within the ocean that we have B theme, you can have social icons in your main menu and change the order of the WooCommerce, Garth search icon and social icons. You also can change the bending of the menu in this theme with the SRO theme, there are more options when it comes through the sub menu, you can change the border color and the border thickness.

And with the ocean WP thing, there are a few less options within the Sr thing, the size of the logo on the smartphone adjusts automatically. I really like that. We did the ocean WP theme. This is not the case within the free version of the Sr theme. There is no top bar within the ocean WP thing. There is a thought bar in the free version of both themes.

You have no stick yet. So when you scroll down, they had our stays on top. When it comes to the container, you can adjust the width of it with both things. You can have a fool with layout and have a beautiful layout for our blog website. What I like about the ocean WP theme is that there’s a small space between all the block posts in the free version of SRO that is not possible.

I also think that the bedding in the margin within the ocean WP theme looks a bit better, but maybe that’s my personal preference. Within the SRO theme. There are more options for the container. You can say that all the static pages have a different layout than the block pages and the blog posts. With both themes.

So you can adjust the sidebar on different kinds of pages. What I love about the ocean WP thing is that it comes with a Facebook live box and Instagram widgets, and a Twitter widget using Estrada. You need to get those plugins yourself. I’d rather have those plugins within the theme, because then I know they work perfectly.

With a thing. When it comes to the block page, you can adjust what you want to show in both themes, like the feature image, title, metadata, et cetera. You also can change the order in both themes. What I love about ocean WP is that you can change the view to a grid, change the amount of width columns you can even change the grid style to masonry within the SRO theme.

You only can do this with a premium version off the thing. Individual blog posts also here, ocean WP has much more options. You can even create a page, Heather with a Fugit amen, as a background and a title with a breath grump, and you can adjust this further. What, in both themes, you can adjust the size of the titles and the Heathers.

What in the ocean WP theme, you can also change the color of individual Heathers, for instance, H two or H three with the Sri you can do to two, but then you need to use custom CSS. In the food or off the SRR theme, you can only have zero or four widgets in those witches. You can put all kinds of information as shown over here.

When it comes to the ocean WP theme, you can choose how many widgets are asked. You want to have using WooCommerce. You can adjust the image size within the SRR thing. I love that option. It can give a cool masonry effect through your web shop. If I go to my website where I don’t use Astra, it looks like this.

And if I would use Sr with this option, this item would be right below this item. You see over here using the ocean WP theme, you can still the web shop page even further than you can with the Astra theme. When it comes to the product page, within the SRF theme, you can only deactivate the breadcrumb on the product page within the ocean WP theme, you can adjust the size of the add to cart button, and you even have a floating bar.

When you scroll down at the Naval shoe to buy the product. When it comes to Elementor both themes work perfectly with Elementor as to approa is actually extra free on steroids. There are no more restrictions would estro pro you can adjust all the colors of the Heather, the fooder, the block or your website, WooCommerce.

The same goes for typography. You can change all the techs within your website. You can change the bedding and the margin with our website. There are a thumb of options within the block pages. You can change the view of the block posts at a date in the future image and configure it even further. You can adjust the mobile.

Heather, you can even add a second header. You were Heather. So above or below your current Heather, you can make the Heather transparent. You can make it sticky. You can add a mega menu or even show an elements you have made with an element or, and showed in your menu like this. You can create custom headers and footers using Elementor.

You can create a four Oh four page and you can create hooks. That means that you can add a section wherever you want. The new website that only will be shown when people are members or as will only be shown on certain pages. You get a lot of flexibility over death. So for instance, you can show a top bar on the shop page where you could give a coupon code or a social sharing elements below every blog post.

You can do so much things with it. The same goes for the food area. It can change the amount of widgets. You can add a scroll to top icon and adjust it. You get so much more freedom to adjust all the WooCommerce pages. You can also use wide labeling. It also has amazing integrations with easy digital downloads LearnDash and lifter LMS.

Besides as you get premium support, you can submit a ticket and can get access to a ferry clear documentation with the Sr mini agency bundle, you get all the SRR pro features plus 50 plus ready made websites that you can import with a few clicks. And adjust to your wishes. It will save you a thought of time.

You can also get the best portfolio plugin. There is at this moment and you get the ultimate add-ons for Beaver builder and Elementor 21 premium elements that will help you to create an amazing website. If you want to get the best Becca ears about Astra, you can get the Astra agency Mundo. You get the convert pro plugin, a powerful conversion optimization and email his billing tool to avert website, visitors, to subscribers and customers, and the Shima pro plugin, a plugin that enables you to optimize your website for Google quickly and easily.

With ocean WP core extension mano, you get a group premium plugins that enable you to create a cookie. Notice a call to action button above the footer. The ability to create a full screen website like this. We can create hooks at enable us to show different parts of the content to different groups of people.

Also on different places. Within the website, you can create a login pop-up. You can make a beautiful portfolio, a site and all with widgets. The sticky header. We also use wide labeling here. You can create a WooCommerce. Pop-up when people click on the add to cart button, you can add complete websites within a few clicks.

You can add custom sidebars for every page or category. You can get an Instagram widget, you can open content in a popup. You can make a sticky sidebar or elements sticky on our website. You can make a post slider and a product share element in our web shop. Besides that you can ask all your questions, wait in the ocean WP Facebook group.

So let’s talk about an important subject pricing. The free versions of Astra are totally free, but if you want to get the pro version of tra you get all the Sr pro features. 20 plus free starter websites. One-on-one support, uh, really great documentation. And the great thing over here is you can use it on unlimited websites.

So if you pay $59 for one year, you can use it on 50 different websites for 50 different clients and only pay $59 per year. If you decide not to continue after one year. You still can use the website and all the features. You only do not get support and updates anymore. Wood ocean WP. You get 12 months of updates and support.

Eight free extensions, 30 and premium extensions, 13 demos and 21 pro demos butts. It is only for one site. So if you buy this, you can use it on one website and to clear things up, those three packages are all the same package. Only this one is for one site. This is for three sites, and this is for our limited sites.

So if you take a look over here, this is for unlimited sites. There’s also, then this is $129 and this is only $59. But with ocean WP, you also get a lot of element or widgets, and those are amazing. And with S pro you don’t get those. So if we go to the next one over here, you see choice of one page builder and arm.

So here he gets used for 21 extra element or elements or BeaverBuilder elements, but then. It costs $169. So then it’s more expensive than this version, but here you get 50 plus ready-made websites. You get the one-on-one support, extensive training, and you get the portfolio of plugin, which is the best plugin for our portfolio.

I’ve seen so far and you can use it on unlimited websites. And then if you take it a step further, you’ll get it over here over a pro and Shima pro. If you want to get those, they need to upgrade. If you don’t want those, then stick with this one, one loan at $69 per year. And this one is one on the $29 per year.

So this is the cheapest one. If you take a look at unlimited websites after that comes this one, and then we have this one, but what we also can do, this is what you pay per year. You can also go for well lifetime also here. Then, if you choose to have it for one website, you will have to rest after life updates and support.

And if you do this long over four years, then you will get your money back. And then all those years after that, you can still use it. If you would get this package, you can use it on all limited websites for a lifetime. So if you are a web designer, you make websites for clients, then you can use it on unlimited websites.

For the rest of your life. If there is a new update, you will get that free update. So then you are good to go. It costs $519. If you go with the mini agency Mundo for a lifetime, it’s a little bit cheaper. You also get all those great options. I think this is slightly better than this one. But the question is if you want to have this for a lifetime, and if you really want to take it to the next level, maybe, or a lot of clients that want to have convert pro, because it will help you to turn visitors into subscribers and clients, then there’s this option for $700.

You will have a lifetime of updates of the best of the best of everything that Astro has to offer, and you can use it on unlimited websites. So I hope I make it clear for you. The cheapest option is. For one year $39 for one website, this cheapest option is $59. Here you get. Great or widgets here. You don’t get them.

If you go one step to the right, then you pay one on 69 for one year and they can get those and the portfolio plugin. But over here, all those packages, you can use a limit to websites in the area. You can use it on one site. Or three sites or limited sites. So it’s solely up to you. Let me tell you that I have tutorials about all the subject you see over here.

I have the Durrells about the sticky ads about the elemental widgets, about the pop-up login, about to start a site about all the Sr pro features. About covert pro about everything. Just take a look at my YouTube channel, 30 Corp Souk, and there you’ll find it. So it fills the learn anything. See if it’s something for you, please take a look.


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