is rat race rebellion legit – 2021

Thanks for joining me in my rat race rebellion review. If you’ve been asking yourself questions like is rat race rebellion, a scam? Or is it a legitimate place to find work from home opportunities and you’ve come to the right place before we begin our review.

I want to let you know that here at learn to grow wealth online, I’ve had the opportunity to review hundreds of make money from home programs, platforms, opportunities. You name it and I probably reviewed it. So rat race rebellion is no different than a lot of platforms out there that do offer legitimate work that you can do from home online.

However, uh, it’s, it’s typically lower pay. And so that’s just something that you need to be aware of and see if it’s right for you. If you’re looking for something more substantial, like to make. Full-time income. I can give you some amazing resources. So we’ll head over to the review. And by the way, I will leave the link to this review in the description below the video.

is rat race rebellion legit

So you can go and check it out. So. Um, it’s a pretty decent platform it’s been around for over a decade and it’s been featured on a number of, uh, shows, talk shows and so forth. So, uh, it’s got a great online fan base that loves it. So it definitely works for some people. Um, it’s free to join and, you know, it’s best for people in my mind.

It’s best for people who are looking for full-time or from home, uh, preferably living in the United States and that don’t mind making. Um, less money per hour. I give it a rating of 60 out of 100 out of all the programs that I’ve ever viewed. And, uh, you know, like I said, it’s a, it’s a decent platform, but there can be occasionally small and scans that work away way on there.

They don’t do a good job of filtering out, um, all the opportunities that come onto these types of platforms. And so you kind of have to do a little bit of due diligence and make sure that you know, what you’re getting into. Um, so be weary. If, if you suspect that something’s wrong, you can always come to our website and check out this post, how to spot a scam.

Um, so I do recommend it for people who are looking for lower pay online work. Um, no, for those who are looking more looking to make more substantial money, if you’re looking for that, we’ve got 10 free classes that you can get started on. And learn all about it. And, uh, if you’re serious about it, we’ve got an amazing platform that offers all the training tools and support you need.

Um, that’s where I got started online and I’m still a member still take weekly webinars every now and then. And, uh, I’ve been making full-time income online for years, so, um, definitely could recommend and points you in the right direction. Should you need it? So rat race rebellion was built by Christine Durst and Michael Heron.

And, uh, 1999 and they’ve been featured on shows like good morning America, Dr. Oz. So they’ve got a great reputation. Um, it, it, it’s definitely not a scam or race rebellion is not a scam, but it doesn’t mean it’s like the best thing in the world that you want to make money at home. Um, the type of opportunities that are available, here’s a list of some of them coaching editor, proofreading, fashion stylist.

Voiceover pet sitter driver chat, host answering questions, online, completing tasks, instructor to, uh, tutoring. Uh, people, artists, any customer service. So it’s got a ton of variety of, um, jobs out there and that’s, that’s definitely a pro um, internet shelt, rat, race, rebellion, syndicates, every work from home job and list them all in one place.

So that, that’s where you gotta be a little bit careful about what opportunities are out there. And I would say that the opportunity is requiring you to spend money and do a little bit of research. One of the, um, Programs that we’ve found on there. We’ve also done a review on, and it’s all legitimate work from home platform, but they charge you $40 per month.

So maybe that wouldn’t be a good fit for you. So you got to do a little bit of research, um, as far as some of the cons to rat race rebellion, it’s mostly for us residents. I think there’s, there’s, uh, occasional, um, positions that come up, but. You can get into, but in general it seems to be more readily available to us residents.

Um, it’s demanding work for low pay. Uh, for example, there’s supposedly came across that that required at least four years of experience in a wide range of computer skills. And it was only going for $10 per hour. So that’s, that’s a job that typically could go for 30 to $40 per hour, depending on, you know, if you’re working for yourself and you’ve got.

A little bit online marketing, or if you’re working for an agency, so quite a bit lower, um, we did find some broken links on the site. This is one of the reviews of the program. Another one of the programs it’s on that full-on rat race rebellion platform. So you can see that there’s, there’s, uh, definitely some pros and cons to some of these, uh, some of these opportunities that are on this platform.

So, um, as far as the pros go. I like the fact that you could organize your search for, uh, for fresh listings. So rat race rebellion, lets you organize listings for the news first, which makes it easier for you to get, you know, get the opportunity before others. You can also subscribe to their newsletter.

Number two, um, to get, get notifications quicker or quickly, uh, number three, there’s a wide range of opportunities. That was probably the most impressive thing about this platform is just so many opportunities in a wide range of industries. Um, you know, I was actually surprised to discover you could, you could do a courthouse, researcher, chat house, um, audience sitter and more so some, some different stuff out there.

Um, at the same time, you know, you’ve got to ask yourself if that’s what you want. Do you want to get into a job that’s based on an hourly wage or are you looking for something more in the online world offers so many opportunities, for example, um, You can, you can learn how to create like a niche website.

I love niche websites, and you can learn how to create a simple one and rank content. That’s not very competitive and get in front of your audience and reach them within a part of the chain. Like one of the stages within the buying cycles. And it’s easy to make online commissions through that approach.

And as you continue to build your site with more content, you can still continue to build more traffic. And as this traffic grows, you can make full-time income online, relatively easy, if you are willing to work hard at it. And, uh, and, and you’ve got the right resources as far as education goes. So I actually have a really cool post on here.

I just put this together. This is affiliate marketing success stories. So affiliate marketing, I like affiliate marketing because there’s really no risk to it. Besides purchasing a domain name, you don’t have to buy any products. And so that’s a really nice thing. The, you click on this link here on our review.

You’ll come to this post here, which all these people who are listening in here, I put out 10 awesome affiliate, marketing, success stories, and all these people are from different walks of life throughout the world. Um, little mama, for example, she’s I want to say she’s from Vietnam, but she joined the program about a year and a half ago, and it’s just an educational program that teaches people how to create online business.

And she’s been able to make a heck of a nice monthly income for her July of 2018. Um, here’s another guy that’s been in the program for seven months and that was his monthly income of 4,000. $550. This guy, Nathaniel, he’s been a hit for a long time. I think several years, more than myself. And so $12,000 for Christmases is not a big deal for him, but I’m sure he’s pretty appreciative of it.

Um, there’s a ton of different other folks here. Uh, Eddie, he’s been doing this for a while too, and he had a nice five figure per month income in August. Um, Jerry. Jerry’s probably my favorite story. So Jerry’s from Taiwan. And, uh, I don’t know if you know, but the us dollar goes quite a bit further, about three to four times further in Taiwan.

And so within six months of, uh, working on his own, his website, he was able to generate four figures per month. And what was amazing is it just started a double on him and then he created his own. Um, training program that he sold, like a, just a digital product and sold it and made a hundred thousand dollars in a week.

So you can come in here and you can see all these. Uh, stories you can click on here and read about them. Um, this, uh, this, this gentlemen made $13,481. He finally got into that five figure club over the 10,000 anyway, uh, back in January. And, um, Tom is, is, uh, is another guy who has really done a lot with his online business.

He makes over a million a year. Um, So there’s, like I said, there’s several stories. This is me here. I shared a nice $5,195 check a year ago that I made from affiliate marketing. And I’ve been making, like I said, full-time income online for a number of years. So it’s definitely a great right way to go if you do want to do it.

And if you want to do it completely risk, you just come here, send me the cook cemetery. Of course, putting your email market or your sorry, your email address. And, uh, you can check it out without any risk whatsoever. So, um, If you want to check out the platform, I’ll show you that too. The basic concept is you just pick out a niche, you can pick out your favorite product, whatever.

And, uh, you can, you can build an online presence with a, with a website, with a beautiful website. And then from there you can use proven strategies to bring in traffic. And when you brand traffic and then use, you know, brandable products from, you know, Amazon, eBay, Debo, wherever. You can make a lot of revenue online.

is rat race rebellion legit

You can make a lot of sales. So the platform that I’m referring to is called wealthy affiliate. It’s been around for over 14 years, helping people I’ve been a member for five years. Now I’m 193 members from 193 different countries. We’re 1.4 men, current members. And, uh, you know, you can come here and check out all the stats about it, but lots of good things of what people have to say about this platform.

And if you want to just take a quick look inside of it, It’s really kind of like Facebook, uh, has like a little social aspect like Facebook, but it’s got step-by-step courses that you go through. For example, the training, there’s two dedicated programs that you can go through. I would recommend everybody go through the online, uh, entrepreneurial certification course.

And you can see when you go into that, like just in the very first course of getting started. Pull up here. There’s 10 separate lessons that you can go through the breaks down each one of these topics, um, from finding your niche, uh, to how to make money online, finding your niche, building out your own website, setting up the website, getting traffic, um, making online sales, creating custom menus.

I mean, it just has everything you can think of. But it does require real work and real dedication. So if you’re looking for that, this is, this is definitely the place to come and, and you’ll get all the support that you need. That’s one of the coolest things about it. Here. You can always type in a question here about anything, um, okay.

And you will get a ton of different tutorials and classes that you can go through. And, uh, many of it is, is, uh, is free. So, I mean, you can just go through here and get a ton of free advice about affiliate marketing. And so I would really encourage you to do something like that. If you had the inclination to make a little bit more money or to make more than just a wage all your life.

So that’s where I get tired of trading my, uh, my time for money. And I like doing this because once you learn how to rank content, you can just make, um, Sort of passive money because once you rank content, you have those rankings, you don’t typically lose them. And so anytime somebody comes and looks at something, they go into your site.

You get, uh, you provide helpful content and then they go on to buy something and you make a commission. So it’s a pretty cool thing. And, um, like I said, I’m taught and with learn to grow wealth online. Thanks for checking out our rat race rebellion review. If you’d like, please give me a thumbs up or like our channel.

And you can always come back and check out the review. It’s going to be, I’m going to leave a link in the. In the description of this video. So thanks again and take care and have a great day.

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