Free Mama Movement Reviews – Is Lauren Golden’s Virtual Assistant Course Worth It?

The Free mama movement

If you are a stay-at-home mama or a mama who is stuck in a 9-to-5 job and wants to be free, you should consider starting a virtual assistance business. It’s one of the easiest online businesses you can start and there are limitless opportunities. 

Just like when starting any other business, it's best to learn and understand the business so that you will be successful. One of the top and most recommended virtual assistant courses is the Free Mama Movement by the awesome Lauren Golden.

In this post, I will take you through everything you should know about this course and if can help you be free. Before getting into the reviews, let’s talk about the trainer Lauren Golden.

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About Lauren Golden The Creator Of The Free Mama Movement 

free mama movement reviews

Lauren Golden is an author, podcaster, Host of Free Mama TV, and coach. She is on a mission to help moms be free by training stay-at-home moms and working moms on how to start an online virtual business.

This way, moms are not forced to choose between work and their families. She shares teach how she was able to start and scale her virtual assistant business while spending time with her three daughters and husband. 

My Experience With The Free Mama Movement 

The Free Mama Movement Virtual Assistant Course by the awesome Lauren Golden is hands down the best virtual assistant course for mamas who want to be free. While I joined the course when I had already started my virtual assistant business, it opened my eyes to the world of virtual assistant business.

The Facebook group has also been of tremendous help. Not only have I met the most helpful virtual assistants community, but I have made friends and also met several clients from the group. Lauren also does a great job of connecting her students with clients. It’s rare to find such a trainer. Apart from the course she also hosts the Free Mama Live a meetup and workshop. 

What I Love About The Free Mama Movement 

The biggest challenge, I have had with most of the make-money-online courses I have bought is the course structure. I have bought courses where I literally learned nothing and I only end up getting overwhelmed. Luckily, the Free Mama Movement is well structured, comprehensive, and easy to follow.

I also love that Lauren Golden knows her stuff. She understands the business and she is able to help you identify where you need to focus and what to ignore when starting. I started by watching all her YouTube videos and also reading her best-selling The Free Mama Book. 

Free Mama Movement Reviews - Everything You Should Know

Lauren Golden’s Free Mama Movement course is a 12 weeks program divided into 8 models. Each model is divided into short sections that are easy to follow and actionable even if you have a demanding 8-5 job.

While the program is intended to last for 12 weeks, it’s self-paced. Meaning if you have more free time, it will take shorter to finish the program. Each section comes with additional notes and tasks making it easy to take action. 

Free Webinar

The program starts with a free 1-hour webinar, this is free to everyone and it's not a must to purchase the course. Apart from learning about Lauren and what led her to start the program, you will get the Freedom Framework Workshop Workbook for free.

This is a great asset to anyone getting into the virtual assistant business. The workbook contains a list of 99 skills that you can start offering as a virtual assistant. The best thing about the list is that you will realize you can start offering some of the skills you already have, some you did not even think about. 

This workbook also helps you choose the right skill for you depending on your connections and how to pitch.

The webinar gives you a chance to meet Lauren, hear from her and learn about the course to determine what you are looking for. The workbook is a must-have and it's free. 


Module - Introduction

Lauren starts by taking you through a process that should help you identify what you stand to gain if you are able to start a successful virtual assistant business. This will be a great source of motivation and also something to keep you going. She also takes time to paint a picture of the whole journey, highlighting what you should focus on at each stage and what to shelf for later. 

Module 1 -Foundation

The first module involves understanding how to start a virtual assistant business. The emphasis here is understanding the journey should culminate with you registering a business and then understanding every day you will be running a business.

Lauren also helps you decide on the services that you want to offer. This is definitely one of the most important sections. After identifying, she takes you through how to match your services and your ideal clients and where to find them. Other things you will learn in this section include establishing your rates, opening a business, and branding. 

Module 2 - Relationships

One of the biggest challenges in the virtual assistant business is finding regular clients. You may have the right skill but if you don’t know how to find clients you can easily give up. Lauren shows you how to put yourself out there and how to build and maintain those relationships. 

Module 3 - Exposure

If marketing is not your stronghold, you will greatly benefit from this section. This section takes a step further from building relationships to marketing. It involves coming up with a marketing plan to market your business. Since there are hundreds of skills you can offer, the marketing plan will depend on your niche. If you nail this section, your business will explode provided you are offering quality services. 

Module 4 - Expertise

At this stage, you are supposed to have niched down and only offering a couple of services. This section involves focusing all your effort on establishing your authority in your niche. Laureen shows you how to become an expert in your area. Whether it's WordPress troubleshooting or graphics design, the section will help you expand your online presence and how to take advantage of the audience. 

Module 5 - Discipline

Since you are already an expert, it's time to take your business to the next level. Since the business will be growing it's time to learn how to create systems and use automation programs to make your work easier. This will also let you get time to do other things regarding your business. Learning discipline will also involve learning how to use the money you are getting to grow the business.

Module 6 - Overcoming Obstacles

There is no journey without obstacles and Lauren knows that. This section takes you through how to solve and overcome internal and external challenges. If you are struggling in any of the other sections, this section offers an opportunity to reflect and see how you can grow your business. 

Module 7 - Momentum

At this stage, Lauren expects your business will be earning six figures. since you will have a lot of customers and employees, this stage prepares you on how to avoid burnout and how to run your company like a CEO. 


Lauren Golden’s Free Mama Movement course costs $147/month but you can get a $500 discount during the webinar. You can pay the amount in full or select the $367 per month for 6 months plan. While this price tag is a bit high, this course has everything you need to kickstart and run your virtual assistant business. 

There is also the Free Mama Squad will cost you more but you now get more trainings including a special FB accountability group, live coaching, trainings by mentors, access to special virtual events and many more depending on the plan. 

What I like about the course

1. The creator is knowledgeable

One thing that I love about Lauren is that she knows her stuff. She understands the industry so well and is well updated. The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow and implement. On top of the course, she has written a book about the same subject. This is what set’s this course from others. Her youtube videos too are very resourceful.

2. Community

Another area I love about this course is the community. Her Facebook group is very resourceful. This offers a great place to ask questions and hear from other people. In the group, people share their progress which keeps me motivated and also shows me the potential there is in this industry.  You will also get ideas on what other people are selling helping see how you can pivot your skills and knowledge. 

3. Great for all levels

The Free Mama Movement course is designed in a way that is helpful to everybody despite where you are in the business. Whether you are just starting, growing your business, or scaling your business, you will love this course. If you have tried virtual affiliate business a couple of times and failed or if you are stuck, this course will help you diagnose your approach to see where you are failing. 

4. Matching clients

Unlike other trainers, Lauren also helps her students get clients. She has a service where clients are matched with suitable service providers.

5. Free Mama Live 

Lauren also hosts a live workshop every year where she meets her students for an interactive learning session. This is a great place to meet not only Lauren but also other people from the community. The next Free Mama Live will be April 20-22, 2023 in Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza. however, the Free Mama Live is not part of the course - the ticket is an additional cost. 

6. Comprehensive

Apart from the course, Lauren has other courses and programs to help you scale your business. Some of her other paid programs include the Free Mama Squad, Inner Circle, and the Free Mama Live and Retreat. 

So if you join and love the course, you have a new friend and group to hang around with for eternity. 

7. A lot of bonuses

When you buy the Free Mama Movement course, you will also get  

  • Your Path to Freedom Workbook and Planner
  • The Quick Start Freelancing Track - training by industry on different subjects including copywriting, social media management, podcast management,  funnel design, and copywriting. This training shows you the different types of virtual work that exist in almost any industry
  • The Project to Paid Training - A guide with scripts on how to talk to potential clients.
  • Need-to-know Software Lab - Training on different software that you can learn and start offering services. 
  • The Tax Tracker - a CPA approved tracker to help you file your taxes 
  • The $10,000 Template - Laurens proposal that she use to get new clients. 
  • Professional Promo - A matchmaking directory that promotes students to potential clients (businesses)
  1. Motivation 

If whatever you are looking for is motivation or accountability partners, you will greatly benefit from Lauren and her community. Lauren does a great job of showing you the possibilities and the benefits you will get when you become free. From being present and getting to spend more time with your family to finally achieving financial freedom. Sometimes its these small things that we need to push and put in the work. 

The constant progress report from members also shows you what you can achieve and also gives you a chance to learn from others to avoid the mistakes they did. 

What you should know about the course


The Free Mama Movement course is costly. The course costs $1497 or $147 a month. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. First, not everyone can afford to buy a $1497. Luckily, the course is comprehensive so you won't need another virtual assistant course. Also, the students are fewer than what you’d find on courses that cost $99. This makes it easier for her to attend to her students and answer questions. 

Its about working

This is not really a con but’s good to mention. Buying this course does not guarantee you success. You will have to put in a lot of work in learning and perfecting your skill. You also have to realize you will be setting and running up a business. So, there are a lot of other things you will have to do including learning marketing, copywriting, setting up a website and creating a brand.

Who is not for?

If you are not decided to take virtual assistance as a business

As you have seen, the Free Mama Movement Virtual Assistant Course by Lauren Golden is expensive. So, if you have not decided fully to take virtual assistance as a business, this course is not ideal for you. I’d only recommend buying this course if you have researched and made up your mind that this is something that you want to pursue.

If you cannot get time

One thing I will tell you is that this course requires you to put in time and effort. Despite the course being one of the best virtual assistant courses I have taken, your effort determines whether you shall succeed or not. Luckily, the course is divided into small sections. I recommended dedicating at least 30 minutes every day. 

Refund policy

Lauren does not offer a refund. This is common with online courses because of the risk of people buying and recording or downloading after buying and then asking for a refund. Luckily, the course creator did a thorough job to make sure that the course will be beneficial to you.  That's probably why I haven't come across a free mama movement bad review. 

Before buying the course, I’d suggest taking time to listen to her free webinar and also watching a few of her videos to assess if you love her teaching style.

Free Mama Movement Reviews - Is Lauren Golden’s Virtual Assistant Course Worth It?

Wrapping up  

If you are considering joining Lauren Golden’s Free Mama Movement virtual assistant course, don’t hesitate. This to me is the best VA course you can buy today. It's comprehensive and covers everything you should know on how to identify the skills that you want to offer and how to scale the business. There is an awesome community that will inspire you daily and the creator is readily available to answer your questions. 

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