flodesk vs mailchimp

Flodesk Vs Mailchimp - Which tool would you consider using in your email marketing? 

 To begin with, what is EMAIL MARKETING,This is a powerful marketing channel that involves  the act of sending commercial messages to a mass of people to generate sales.it can involve  maybe using emails to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales among others. 

Perhaps you are asking yourself what to consider using in your email marketing? The key thing  to consider is; how will it affect my team and impact our workload, process, and overall  efficiency. 

Flodesk and Mailchimp their main aim is to help you create professional emails that are eye catching to be valuable to your audience and intern a high reaction rate. They are two different  tools but perform similar functions.  

Let’s take a look at the two software and what they entail in detail to make you decide on which  one to choose. 

Here are some of the key elements to be on the lookout for when selecting which is the most  effective or best marketing software  

  • Predesigned mobile responsive  

  • Third-party apps /integrations  

  • Personalization capabilities  

  • Advanced analytics tools A/B Testing tools 

  • Lead collection tool 

  • Ease of use  

What is Flodesk?

This is a new marketing platform that was launched in November 2021. If Maybe it's your fast  time in email marketing it is worth giving it a try due to its enabled simplicity to navigate trying  to curb the presence of annoying emails. It is easy to customize and user friendly  

It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or experience eg HTML coding .it is simple and clear  that you design emails whin a few minutes very easier to navigate, and its templates look  amazing on mobile or on a desktop. 


This is an all-in-one marketing platform for starting a business. It was launched in 2001. It is  used by over 20 million customers from different parts of the world.it helps eg business people to  create professional emails for marketing and help build an email also has analytical tools and  data analysis which help improve the efficiency of an email being sent. 

What are some features of Mailchimp? 

  • Social sharing  

  • Reports 

  • Email designer 

  • Custom forms  

  • Email client testing 

  • Mobile signup testing 

  • RSS-to-email 

What are some of the features of Flodesk? 

  • Stunning templates 

  • IIntuitiveemail builder 

  • High converting forms 

  • Quick workflow setup 

  • Fixed prices, unlimited subscribers 

  • Visual automation builder 

  • Easy signup form creation

  • Flodesk vs MailChimp feature comparison 

Here are some of the important factors considered by email marketing service provider 

➢ Templates options provided 

• MailChimp 

MailChimp has a high number of email templates, but their availability depends on the plan you  have if you have the most expensive plan you are likely to gain access to everything, and this will be a disadvantage if still stuck in the free plan. 

• Flodesk 

Flodesk ensures template availability to everyone who is already on their platform. you can sign  up right now and enjoy these features, of templates apart from having a wide selection of  templates they temperate and looks more appealing. 


➢ Email editor 

• Flodesk 

It uses drag and drops editors d premade email templates. Overall flow desk is better for design if  the user doesn’t refer to code. 

• Mailchimp 

It uses code editors and hence requires some skill in coding. 

➢ User Experience 

• Flodesk 

 Its main concern and aim are toward new beginners in email marketing. it uses drag and drop  editing and ensures high levels of simpler customizations. 

• Mailchimp 

It is also set to beginner-friendly but mostly friendly to professionals with advanced skills in  email marketing  

➢ Integrations. 

Fast of all what is integration ..? this is an application that can authorize sharing of data between  one platform to another. 

• Flodesk 

Flodesk does work quite well when it comes to integrations, thus due to that, it offers a limited  no of native integrations. They offer Shopify and Instagram as native integrations when writing  which only always you to display your Instagram posts on your newsletters and intern gather  information from your Shopify customers. 

• Mailchimp. 

Mailchimp offers different types of integrations eg customer services, e-commerce among others  most of the iintegrationshacanmport your followers, subscribers, Cornustomers in Mailchimp  audiences  

➢ Price Comparison 

How about the price ..? 

• MailChimp 

Considering the no of contacts you have MailChimp offers a free plan for up to about 2000  contacts and a maximum of 1000 emails per month .in the essential plan starts at $9.99/ month for 500 and 500k emails. The standard plan adds even more advanced automation starting at  $14.99/month and the premium gives you access to all ar s from $299/month. 

• Flodesk 

It keeps simple at an affordable charge. It such cheap that you delimited limited email  subscribers, and free access to all available features for $38/month. 

 What are some of the cons of flodesk..? 

• The pricing can be a bit high for new beginners Other email marketing offers affordable  prices to those starting to build a subscriber base. 

• Limited customer support. many email marketing software offers live customer support  to maybe get in touch with a question or problem .flodesk does not offer this service  • IntergratIntegrationssk does not directly integrate with other marketing tools, instead to connect you require zappier. 

What are the cons of MailChimp? 

• MailChimp is paid a bit expensive especially if you have a large email list. • Marketing automation is not intuitive as compared to other tools. • A small library of prebuilt automation workflows. 


Commonly asked question ..? email marketing isn’t dead ..? 

Email marketing remains one of the most effective successful, and cost-effective ways to reach  out to customers. This is the reason behind having the above tools to help automate and run an il  marketing campaign. 

We have discussed the two tools flodesk and MailChimp and found that they offer something that the other does not and different approaches to email marketing. 

Your requirements help you choose which tool to prefer for email marketing. An artist, entrepreneur growing his business, or a creator, flodesk could suit you. , a beginner of email  marketing, a business with a marketing team Mailchimp could be a perfect choice. 

 So did you find it useful? Leave your comments in the section below.